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"'This wyrm delights in hunting down and slaughtering small armed bands wandering in the wilderlands (in other words: adventurers). From time to time she varies such activities with devouring a field of almost-ripe grain in Goldenfields or tearing apart a food-caravan bound for the northern interior and eating men, beasts, and cargo alike. Claugiyliamatar usually signals this last sort of triumph by plucking up a caravan wagon, flying very high (to avoid the attention of griffon-back city patrols until it's too late), and dropping the wagon down as a lethal missile on the roofs of Waterdeep."

-Wyrms of the North

Cost 35
Level 10
Class Adult Green Dragon
Alignment Evil
Energy Type Poison

Primary Weapon(s)Edit

Name Range Arc Type
Bite 2 Forward Melee
Tail 2 Rear Melee


All opposing Creatures in your forward arc roll -1 attack die when attacking you.


  • Dodge
  • Charge
  • Feint
  • Target

Upgrade SlotsEdit

Available ThroughEdit

Green Dragon Expansion

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