Drizzt Do'Urden is a drow ranger who has embarked on countless adventures over the years. A master of two-weapon combat, Drizzt wields two scimitars, Twinkle and Icingdeath, with remarkable speed and precision. He can also strike his enemis from afar with the bow Taulmaril when needed. His greatest ally is his astral panther, Guenhwyvar, whom he summons to our world using a figurine of wondrous power.

Drizzt Do'UrdenEdit

Cost 40
Level 16
Class Drow Elf Ranger
Alignment Good
Energy Type None

Primary Weapon(s)Edit

Name Range Arc Type
Bow 4 Forward Ranged
Scimitar 1 Forward Melee


After you reveal a non-Pivot Maneuver on your Maneuver Dial, you may immediately add +1 to your speed.


  • Dodge
  • Feint
  • Target
  • Concentrate

Available UpgradesEdit

Rulings & ErrataEdit

  • The +1 speed added by Drizzt's special ability does not change the color of the choosen maneuver.
  • The added speed cannot exceed the available maneuver templates.
  • Drizzt's Special ability cannot be combined with upgrades like the Warhorse or Giant Toad. Since they are triggered immediately after you reveal your choosen maneuver only one of them can be activated.

Available ThroughEdit

Drow Elf Ranger Expansion

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