When you're the son of the most respected bronze dragon in Faerun, you need to prove yourself more than most dragons! Eyruaad the bronze dragon may be young, but he's full of determination, courage, and more than his fair share of adventurous spirit. He's even taught himself how to hover in mid-air, an impressive feat for a dragon, and a talent he often uses to surprise his enemies before unleashing a burst of lightning breath!

Bronze DragonEdit

Cost 30
Level 7
Class Young Bronze Dragon
Alignment Good
Energy Type Lightning

Primary Weapon(s)Edit

Name Range Arc Type
Bite 1 Forward Melee
Tail 2 Rear Melee


Attack: Remove 1 [Duration Token] from one of your Breath Weapon Upgrades


  • Dodge
  • Charge
  • Target

Available UpgradesEdit

Available ThroughEdit

Young Bronze Dragon Expansion

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