Copperdragon flight
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"Galadaeros is a mature adult male copper dragon of unusually gentle and humorous character; the pride that so dominates his breed seems almost entirely lacking in his manner. He dwells alone in a mountaintop cavern, on a nameless, uncharted island in the Sea of Swords northwest of Gundarlun. This island is generally considered by those who see it to be one of the Purple Rocks. Regardless, the Sunset Flame is seldom at home."

-Wyrms of the North

Cost 37
Level 10
Class Adult Copper Dragon
Alignment Good
Energy Type Acid

Primary Weapon(s)Edit

Name Range Arc Type
Bite 2 Forward Melee
Tail 2 Rear Melee


After performing a "4" or "5" maneuver Galadaeros rolls +2 defense dice against every attack for the remainder of the round.


  • Dodge
  • Feint
  • Target
  • Concentrate

Available UpgradesEdit

Available ThroughEdit

Starter Set

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