Grixom and his band of fellow goblins have enjoyed a long history of mischief and mayhem during their raids along the Sword Coast. Whenever their numbers dwindle, Grixom will quickly grab a nearby goblin and conscript him into service. And if any goblin complains too loudly, the troublemaker will be the first to be picked up and heaved at the enemy when the time is right. Of course, nothing inspires more malicious glee in these vile creatures than watching their pet giant rat tear into their armored foes; the nasty little pest always knows just where to chomp!

Although random acts of chaos are the goblin’s forte, today they’ve been hired by a particularly powerful drow archmage, Vizeran DeVir, to venture into a secret cave and recover an ancient scroll. Rumor has it that this scroll has something to do with the demon lords invading the Underdark, but only time will tell exactly how this mission connects to the turmoil besetting the subterranean realm.

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