Nidhogrym has never been a happy dragon. A reluctant ally of the frost giants, this white dragon has grown bitter over the years, and turns his vicious nature against any enemies unfortunate enough to cross his path. His cold breath can freeze his enemies in their tracks, making it difficult for them to move even if they manage to survive the icy assault.

Nidhogrym has learned to choose some of his friends wisely, however, and has thrived recently through his association with an evil sorcerer. This powerful spellcaster often rides the white dragon into battle, casting protective spells and electrifying his foes with a witch bolt that continues to agonize its victims for several harrowing minutes. Their screams of pain are a delight both to Nidhogrym and his sorcerous companion.

Cost 35
Level 8
Class Adult White Dragon
Alignment Evil
Energy Type Cold

Primary Weapon(s)Edit

Name Range Arc Type
Bite 2 Forward Melee
Tail 2 Rear Melee


Each Time Nidhogrym makes a Bite attack, he may convert 1 [Concentrate] result into 1 [Normal Hit] result.


  • Dodge
  • Charge
  • Target

Upgrade SlotsEdit

Available ThroughEdit

White Dragon Expansion (Adult)

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