DnD AttackWing StarterSet

Starter Set

Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing uses the core rule set of the FlightPath game system seen previously in Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing, but with a Dungeons & Dragons twist as the players now control dogfighting dragons, while also having forces on the ground such as giants and magic users. As with Star Trek: Attack Wing, the Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing game series consists of a starter set and expansion packs.

The Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing – Starter Set includes three pre-painted dragons, maneuver dials, and upgrade cards and tokens.


This is the Starter set for D&D Attack Wing Miniature Game. It includes 3 Pre-painted Dragons (Red, Blue & Copper) and Everything You need to play a game with up to 3 players.


  • 1x Adult Copper Dragon
  • 1x Adult Red Dragon
  • 1x Adult Blue Dragon

Creature CardsEdit



Upgrade CardsEdit

Arcane SpellsEdit

Divine SpellsEdit



1 Full Rulebook

1 Quick-Start Rules Booklet

3 Painted Dragon Miniatures

3 Creature Tokens (Double sided)

6 Maneuver Dials

13 Maneuver Templates

  • 3 Turns
  • 4 banks
  • 6 Straights

9 Action Tokens

  • 3 Dodge Tokens
  • 3 Target Tokens
  • 2 Concentrate Tokens
  • 1 Charge Token

6 Altitude Tokens

  • 3 Swoop Tokens
  • 3 Ground Tokens

6 Armor Tokens

1 Initiative Token

3 Pivot Tokens

20 Duration Tokens

1 Permanent Duration Token

13 Effect Tokens

3 Critical Hit Tokens

3 Exhaustion Tokens

3 "No Attack" Tokens

6 Disabled Upgrade Tokens

12 Adventure Tokens

12 Objective Tokens

6 Creature Cards

3 Maneuver Cards (double-sided)

20 Upgrade Cards

3 Campaign Artifact Upgrade Cards

33 Damage Cards

6 Red Attack Dice

6 Green Defense Dice

1 Range Ruler

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