Valen Shatterhelm is a determined fighter, as tough as the magical stone armor he wears into battle. His powerful bulette mount can carry him underground, allowing him to burrow safely towards his enemies before emerging from the earth to jostle his foes. For close combat, Valen prefers to don his Claws of the Umber Hulk, which shred his opponents’ armor even while inflicting brutal damage upon them.

Valen is also a master at exploiting his enemies’ weaknesses, striking them with fierce critical blows. When surrounded by multiple foes, Valen will hurl one of his most powerful weapons at them, a magical gem that explodes in all directions, casting deadly shards that tear through his gathered enemies.

Valen ShatterhelmEdit

Cost 27
Level 7
Class Human Fighter (Water Cult)
Alignment Evil

Primary Weapon(s)Edit

Name Range Arc Type
Javelin 2 Forward Ranged
Mace 1 Forward Melee


Action: Repair 1 of your face down Armor Tokens or flip 1 of your face up Damage Cards face down. You cannot attack this round


  • Dodge
  • Charge
  • Target

Available UpgradesEdit

Available ThroughEdit

Earth Cult Warrior Expansion

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